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Asset-Based Community Development

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)(ABCD) works from the principle that every single person has capacities, abilities and gifts and that the quality of an individual life depends in part on the extent to which these capacities are used, abilities expressed and gifts given. Recognizing the assets of individuals and communities is more likely to inspire positive action for change from within than an exclusive focus on needs and problems. ABCD focuses on what is present in a community rather than what is absent, requires a fresh look at marginalized communities and sees opportunities rather than problems. Asset-Based Community Development’s primary goals include increasing behavioral health capacity at three levels: (1) Individual and Leadership Development, (2) Organizational Development, and (3) Communities. This program will be made available to underserved communities and community leaders throughout Stanislaus County but will include two specific initiatives that promote, support, and further develop Asset-Based Community Development strategies in the Latino and faith-based communities. Utilizing ABCD strategies, BHRS will convene leaders and stakeholders within these respective communities to identify best practice approaches to increase behavioral health capacity and to promote emotional health and wellness in their respective communities. The collaborative’s work and mission will come forth from an inclusive process that reaches non-traditional partners to provide support and leadership to local behavioral health Asset-Based Community Development efforts. This project will be integrated organizationally and programmatically with strategies being implemented as part of the Stanislaus County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Plan to insure an overall behavioral health approach (while insuring that funding requirements and limits for specific funding streams are met).

Program Contact Information
John Alvarado, MSW
Community Capacity-Building Initiative
1917 Memorial Drive
Ceres, CA 95307


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National Parent Helpline®

Being a parent is a critically important job, 24 hours a day. It’s not always easy. Call the National Parent Helpline® to get emotional support from a trained Advocate and become empowered and a stronger parent.

Phone: (855) 427-2736

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